Sentence Examples

  • The epistolary intercourse with the former continued until 1780 and with the latter until 1787.
  • Portuguese literature is distinguished by the wealth and variety of its lyric poetry, by its primacy in bucolic verse and prose, by the number of its epics and historical books, by the relative slightness of the epistolary element, and by the almost complete absence of the memoir.
  • Most of the literature of the sub-apostolic age is epistolary, and we have a particularly interesting form of epistle in the communications between churches (as distinct from individuals) known as the First Epistle of Clement (Rome to Corinth), the Martyrdom of Polycarp (Smyrna to Philomelium), and the Letters of the Churches of Vienne andLyons (to the congregations of Asia Minor and Phrygia) describing the Gallican martyrdoms of A.D.
  • From Petrarch to the Epistolae obscurorum virorum there is a whole epistolary literature.
  • Viennet, a hot defender of lost causes, may be considered the latest of the epistolary poets of France.

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